Expat Cinema: Past Lives

EXPAT CINEMA offers unique screenings of non-English films with English subtitles. Our goal is to create a perfect opportunity for non-Dutch speakers to experience acclaimed films in a worthy cinema setting.

Nora and Hae Sung, two Korean children, are deeply connected friends. Their future lies with each other, so it seems. Until Nora emigrates to Toronto with her parents and later pursues her creative dream in New York. More than two decades after saying goodbye in South Korea, the duo is reunited in the Big Apple, only now Nora is married to Arthur, an American writer. Together, they muse on the "what ifs", the lost but also the won opportunities. After all, life is full of roads not taken. Playwright Celine Song manages to capture that ultimate melancholy in her semi-autobiographical debut feature, a subversive love story that combines the longings of In the Mood for Love and the eloquent dialogues of Linklater's Before trilogy. Song goes beyond romance and the age-old clichéd question "who does she end up with?" to arrive at something much more human.

Regisseur: Celine Song
Speelduur: 105 min
Taal: EN / KO
Ondertiteling: EN
Releasedatum: 2023-12-20
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Zondag 21/04